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#4 Shenny Square One Challenge
Well, the Tibettes have 'Another Tibette Beginning' fics, so how about we do our own for Shenny?! It's about time, right?

Summary: Come up with a new way that Shane and Jenny could have met, become friends and fallen in love. Did they meet in high school? College? Did Shane cut Jenny's hair and things went from there? Is Tim still an obstacle or is Jenny single? Did the Marina thing ever happen or is Shane Jenny's first experience with women? Is Shane still a hairstylist or is she doing something else? Is Jenny still a writer? Did the two of them know each other when Shane was in foster care?

Think about it and get creative! You can work within the series (pre season five finale, obviously) or go AU, so long as you keep it about as realistic as the series itself (ie. keep it close to the show's tone). Fantasy is okay, but make sure it's relatively popular/ familiar to people - not some weird, obscure book fandom nobody's ever heard of, okay?

Submitted by lilpinkchainsaw on October 12, 2008 09:01 PM
I think that I might have one you gave me an idea for one

Jenny and Shane met in college i'm waitng for my 1st story to me added
- summerdowling on January 20, 2009 04:12 AM