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Featured Stories
Aftermath by MutedTempest NC-17
Rebuilding a friendship.
This is Treasure... by DarknessDescends R
In an alternate universe Season 5, Jenny and Shane try to hide their relationship...
Silence is Golden by lilpinkchainsaw NC-17
Spoilers for the season five finale! Shane turns up on Jodi's doorstep after...
Leave the Pieces by Shades_of_pure R
This little story takes place after Season 5 Episode 12. Spoilers may be included.
Romeo is Bleeding by lilpinkchainsaw PG
An L Word/Dollhouse crossover! Set post-season six. That's all I'll say...
Gemini by DarknessDescends PG-13
[The L Word/Three Rivers crossover] How can you ever feel whole when half of...
The Cure by lilpinkchainsaw PG-13
Set at the tail end of 3R1x02, Doctor Miranda Foster is still brooding over...
Light by MutedTempest R
Shane and Jenny try to work things out.
'Til It's Gone by DarknessDescends PG-13
When tragedy strikes, Jenny and Shane both learn that there are things more...
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I've had to change the site settings because of the insane amount of spam lately, so now you will need to sign in if you should happen to feel like reviewing one of the stories. I can't promise this will help much, but it's a lot easier to clean up their mess this way at least.

--DD (admin) on January 05, 2015 05:52 AM
Attention fic writers!
I've made some changes to the site so from now on when you post new L Word stories you need to add them to the L Word category, that's the only way to access the character list. Adding new chapters to existing stories should be no problem.

--DarknessDescends on May 30, 2009 11:41 AM
Most Recent Fanfic Challenge
#10 Three Rivers Pre-Premiere Challenge
We now have a category for Three Rivers fics, even though there’s still a month and a half left until the show starts.

The point of this challenge is for us to have something to keep us busy while we wait, and so that those who are dying to know what Kate’s character Miranda will be like...

Submitted by DarknessDescends on August 18, 2009 03:37 AM
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Mojo Pin by theraven NC-17
Shane and Jenny strive to understand how life tends to drag around slowly when you throw away the only...
Mine (a love story in 4 stanzas) by Noelani NC-17
Shane struggles to reconcile her feelings for Jenny as the fate of their relationship faces an uncertain...
Aftermath by MutedTempest NC-17
Rebuilding a friendship.
Light by MutedTempest R
Shane and Jenny try to work things out.
October Rust by theraven NC-17
[Spoilers for Season 6] Shane struggles with her own demons: the reality of her relationship with Jenny...
'Til It's Gone by DarknessDescends PG-13
When tragedy strikes, Jenny and Shane both learn that there are things more worth holding on to than...
Disappear by Noelani PG-13
Shane struggles with her demons in the aftermath of a going away party.
S*** Happens by MutedTempest NC-17
Shane and Kit cross some boundary lines.
Reflections in Starlight by MutedTempest PG-13
What's past is past...until it isn't anymore.
Smile by MutedTempest PG-13
Feelings develop between two people who never expected them to.