How to issue a Challenge

Before you submit your challenge, please take a look at the list of things we want you to include.

    What a challenge should consist of:
  • Challenge Title: A name for your challenge. This should give a hint to what the challenge is about, but writers will NOT use this as the title for their stories. (It would be confusing if everyone gave their stories the same name, wouldn't it?)
  • Your username: This will be displayed at the bottom of your challenge.
  • The following are optional, you can pick and choose which ones apply:
    1. Summary: What you want people to write about.
    2. Timeline: At what point in time the story should take place. For example, after season 5, before episode 2x09, or in the year 3045. You can be as creative as you like with this.
    3. Word limit: Max/min allowed word count on the story. (Min-word count can't be less than 500.)
    4. Story type/length: One-shot or series, and/or max/min allowed chapters in the story.
    5. Characters: Specify what characters you want - or don't want - in the story. For example, if you want Shane, Jenny and Max to be in the story, you can also specify whether or not other characters are allowed.
    6. Words: Any specific words that should be used, or not used (!) in the story.
    7. Genres: The genre(s) for the story. You can click here to see which genres are available.
    8. Other requirements: Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

The same rules apply to the challenge fics as to the other stories in the archive. If you don't know what our Submission Rules are, make sure you read through them before you submit your challenge, so that you don't challenge people to do something we don't allow here at ATWWNS.

When submitting a challenge, please keep in mind that the more restricted it is, the less replies you might get. If you make it too difficult, no one might be able to write for it.

Please note that your submission might be edited to fit the structure we want for the challenges before it's posted publicly on the site. The administrators reserve the right to decide which submissions are posted, and when.

If your submitted challenge is not accepted, the reason might be that it doesn't comply to our rules, or that it's too similar to a previous challenge, or a story that already exists in our archive or elsewhere.

Challenge Submission Form

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