10 Longest Chapters
1. 'Chapter 8 - In Praise of Bacchus' from the story 'October Rust' by theraven - Read 266 times
Summary/Notes: FLASHBACK. Shane starts to accept her feelings for Jenny when she discovers a lie.


One more huge chapter. It took me more than a month to finish this. Hope you enjoy it. - (Wordcount: 15098)

2. 'Chapter 10 - Wolf Moon' from the story 'October Rust' by theraven - Read 264 times
Summary/Notes: The truth is finally revealed. - (Wordcount: 14825)

3. 'Chapter 7 - Burnt Flowers Fallen' from the story 'October Rust' by theraven - Read 295 times
Summary/Notes: FLASHBACK. Shane's feeling caged and confused, while Jenny's angst leads her back to a very dark place. Wow, these chapters keep getting bigger and bigger... - (Wordcount: 14108)

4. 'Chapter 10 - Liar' from the story 'This is Treasure...' by DarknessDescends - Read 4306 times
Summary/Notes: Alice hangs out with Shay, and Shane and Jenny discuss some important changes in their relationship. - (Wordcount: 10860)

5. 'Chapter 4 - Together Alone pt 1' from the story 'Gemini' by DarknessDescends - Read 3578 times
Summary/Notes: This chapter has nothing to do with the episode called "Alone Together". I named my chapters before the episode titles were announced and saw no reason to change it. And it was not meant to be this long, that kinda just... happened. - (Wordcount: 10618)

6. 'Chapter 9 - Cinnamon Girl' from the story 'October Rust' by theraven - Read 188 times
Summary/Notes: Shane visits Dr. Murphy one more time and, slowly, starts getting closer to the truth. - (Wordcount: 10542)

7. 'Chapter 5 - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend' from the story 'October Rust' by theraven - Read 259 times
Summary/Notes: After much insistence on the part of her friends, Shane agrees to see a regression therapist.

[Ok, I realize this is huge, sorry. Just lots to fit in this chapter. Lots of dialogue. I hope you enjoy it, though.] - (Wordcount: 10259)

8. 'Chapter 11 - Haunted' from the story 'October Rust' by theraven - Read 110 times
Summary/Notes: Hopeless, Shane decides to let go, but finds it too hard to escape familiar ghosts. - (Wordcount: 10230)

9. 'Chapter 2 - Salt and Seagulls' from the story 'Eidolon' by lilpinkchainsaw - Read 101 times
Summary/Notes: Sam gets a phone call. - (Wordcount: 8841)

10. 'Chapter 3 - For dear life' from the story 'Gemini' by DarknessDescends - Read 3674 times
Summary/Notes: Miranda’s friends try to help her through a crisis while struggling with their own problems and Shane arrives in Pittsburgh just in time for when her sister needs her the most. - (Wordcount: 8245)