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Author's Chapter Notes:
I know this chapter is pretty short, but I'm working on another chapter that should be a bit longer.
Chapter 3

Shane stomped into the studio and threw the clothes she had grabbed from her room, against the wall. She leaned forward and gasped for air.

“Fuck I can’t breathe!” Shane thought.

Calm..think calm.

Shane squatted and waited for the calmness to hit her, the tears were still searing her cheeks and she did nothing to wipe them away. She rocked slightly on her feet, breath finally coming from her mouth. Shane stood up and looked around the studio, not knowing what she was looking for, but feeling panicked. Shane grabbed her keys to her Jeep and slipped out of the studio.

Where am I going? No, I can’t just take off, I can’t run this time. Fuck..

Shane walked back into the house and went into her room. She glanced at Max who was sleeping in her bed and Shane remained quiet. She walked to the closet and searched for the bag holding her camera.

“Shane? What are you doing?” Max had called from the bed.

Shane didn’t look back only grabbed the camera bag. “Sorry Max, I’ll be out of here in a minute.”

Max yawned and mumbled something before falling back asleep. Shane turned around and caught a glimpse of something sitting on her bed stand. The bong that she and Jenny had smoked out of the night Jenny got fired from the film. Shane stared at it for a long time…

~ Max sat back in the chair holding the strong smoke into his lungs.

“Nikki just stood there, Max. She made me look like an idiot.” Jenny said quietly, as she lay her head on Shane’s shoulder.

“But not this one.” Jenny rubbed Shane’s arm affectionately. “Shane was the only one to back me up.”

Max blew out the smoke and looked at the two, he realized how Jenny was gazing at Shane. Like she was the only person in the room. “I’m not surprised about Nikki.”

Shane squinted and peeked at Max. “I know, right? That bitch is trouble.”

“Why..” Jenny lifted her head up. “Why doesn’t that surprise you?”

“Well.” Max set down the bong back onto the table. “First of all, she’s really young and seemed to fall in love pretty fast. Second of all, you can tell that her career comes first. Is it me or did she sound like she was always rehearsing dialogue in regular conversations? I guess that’s the actress in her..or whatever. Sorry Jen.”

Jenny frowned her mouth a bit and nodded slowly. “I’m over it.” The small woman snuggled back up against Shane and sighed. “Fuck them!”

“Yeah fuck ‘em!” Shane said and then went silent for a moment. Suddenly she sat up slightly. “Did I just say something?”

Max shook his head and laughed. Shane fell back against the couch, her eyes closing. “Thanks for the hit guys.”

Shane did not open her eyes, but lifted up her hand to give him a thumbs up. Max looked at the two cuddled on the couch and smiled softly. “I need to go work on this new pod cast. Good night.”

“Night Max.” Jenny’s quiet voice said, as Shane gave the thumbs up again. Jenny peered up at Shane, who seemed to be dozing off. She reached up and brushed a piece of hair across Shane’s forehead. A small smile curved the sides of the hairdressers lips.

“You’re all I have now, Shane.” Jenny whispered and placed a small kiss next to Shane’s lips, like she always did. Jenny pulled back and stared at Shane, her big eyes glowing almost as she gazed at her best friend.

Shane’s eyes fluttered opened, she found herself looking back into Jenny’s. “Are you comfortable? Did you say something?”

“I’m fine.”

They had fallen asleep like that on the couch for most of the night. When Shane had woken up and realized that they were still on the couch, she thought she might get up and go to her room, but she didn’t want to wake up Jenny. She just curled the writer closer to her and fell back asleep.~

Shane shook her head from the memory and walked out of the bedroom. She glanced around the silent house and placed the camera bag on her shoulder, before scrambling out of the house. She walked out to her Jeep and started to unlock the doors. She looked down at her clothes and growled when she remembered that she still had the clothes on that she wore the day before. Shane ran back to the studio and almost collided with Bette.

“Oh shit!” Bette jumped. “Hey.”

“Sorry…sorry.” Shane mumbled.

“How are you doing?” Bette asked stepping back slightly.

“Shitty. You?” Shane ran her hands through her hair.

“I’m ok. I was going to ask you if you wanted to go get something to eat maybe.” Bette said carefully.

“Uhm…” Shane looked back towards the house and then back at Bette. “Sure, I need to change first, can you wait?”

Bette nodded. “Of course.”


Bette placed her hands on the dashboard as Shane swerved in and out of traffic. She had been driving like a maniac from the moment that they got into the Jeep. Bette was not liking this one bit.

“Shane what’s going on?” Bette said keeping her eyes on the road. “Maybe we could pull over and talk….FUCK!” The end of the sentence reaching unbelievable octaves, as the Jeep almost clipped the side of another car. The car honked at Shane as they passed.

“MUNCH ON THIS NIMROD!” Shane yelled back at the other driver, giving them the finger.

“Ok, can we just please pull over and talk?” Bette asked.

Shane held onto the steering wheel until her knuckles were white. “We will be at the Planet soon.”

“Shane! You are going to fucking kill us before we get there!” Bette’s eyes got wider when she saw Shane approaching a little too closely to the rear end of the car in front of her. Bette immediately covered her eyes. “Fine, just tell me when we get there, please.”

Shane rolled her eyes and then honked her own horn. “Uhm, helloooooooooo the speed limit isn‘t 15 asshole!”


Shane walked into the Planet and shook her hair out, she spotted Kit and pointed to her , smiling. As Shane walked to the counter, Bette followed behind her slowly. She looked around the place and tried to fix her hair nonchalantly. Kit glanced at her sister and then quickly did a double take.

“What the hell happened to you?” Kit asked putting a hand on her hip.

Bette’s hair was sticking out in all directions. “I don’t care if I‘m bleeding to death and Shane is the last person on earth to drive me to a hospital, I am never driving with Shane again!”

Shane smirked and Kit laughed. Bette gave them both the shut-the fuck-up look, which made them both laugh harder.

“Do you want some coffee or food, Shane?” Kit asked still laughing.

Shane shrugged. “I‘ll take some coffee first.”

“You got it, what about you, sis?” Kit said waving at Alice who was sprinting through the door.

“That new fruit salad, please.” Bette continued trying to get her hair back to its perfection.

“Hi ladies.” Alice said making her way to the counter. “Trying out a new hairstyle, Bette?”

Bette sighed and walked back to the bathroom. Alice watched her then looked back at Shane. “What’s with her?”

Shane shrugged. “Her hair is out of control and she doesn’t like it.”

“Ahh.” Alice nodded. “You look like shit.”

“Nice Alice, is that how you greet people and who the fuck made you the fashion police?” Shane grumbled.

“Are we going to talk about last night, grouch?” Alice asked motioning to a table. Shane shuffled over and sat down, leaning back far into the chair.

“How’s Tasha?” Shane changed the subject.

Alice put her purse on the table. “She’s out playing basketball with some of her old friends and don’t think I don’t know that you are deflecting from the topic of Jenny and that whole shindig last night.”

“How’s Clea?” Shane said with a twinkle in her eye.

Alice leaned forward and spoke quietly. “ She called me this morning, but I didn’t answer. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. I do know I’m not going to cheat on Tasha, I just don’t know if we are going to work or not.”

“Yeah well, you might want to figure that out before you move into a new place with her.” Shane tugged her bottom lip.

Alice started to say something, but then stopped when Bette came toward the table. “We’ll talk about that later…your hair looks better.”

“Fuck you Alice.” Bette said sitting down.

Kit brought over their orders and sat down. She reached over and picked a strawberry from Bette’s plate. Her sister slapped her hand and picked up the fork to spear fruit delicately.

“So I think we should just talk about the Jenny thing.” Alice blurted. Bette stared at Alice, while Kit started choking on her food.

Shane rolled her eyes. “You know I’ve talked about it enough for one day. I don’t think I want to go over it anymore.”

She looked from one woman to the next, as they remained silent, obviously waiting for her to talk about everything. She sighed. “Fine, but Alice this doesn’t go past here and I don’t want to hear any judgments‘. I already know how fucked up I am. I don’t need to hear that you think that I am too.”

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