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Author's Chapter Notes:
This chapter is really chatty (lots of dialogue). I'm sorry if this is such a slow start, things will be changing up real soon so bare with me please! Thanks you guys for the support!
Chapter 4

Jenny looked up from what she was doing, when she heard a light knock on her door.

“Jen?” Max’s voice came from the other side.

“Come in.” Jenny answered softly.

Max opened the door to see the small woman throwing clothing onto the floor. Max looked around the room, noticing that all of the drawers in her dresser were open with clothes hanging over the sides here and there.

“What’s going on?” Max asked.

Jenny turned back to her closet and began flipping through hangers. “I’m just going through my things. I thought it was time to get rid of some of my clothes.”

“Oh, cleaning house?” Max looked concerned.

“No, dwindling down some of my belongings, so when I look for another place to live, it will be easier for me to pack.” Jenny said distantly.

Max sat on Jenny’s bed. “What do you mean? Come on this can be worked out.”

“Max!” Jenny’s voice raised. “If you can tell me how this will be worked out, I’m all ears.”

Max sighed and stared at the cream colored walls.

“You’re friendship with Shane can…”

“never be the same.” Jenny finished for Max. “It kills me to even say that. But things are very different now. I can’t stay here anymore. I can afford to find a different place. Shane can’t.”

“She fucked up Jen. She made a mistake. I don’t condone it in any way, shape or form. But I do know your friendship deserves to be saved.” Max said.

“I don’t think..”

“You guys will talk things out and..”

Jenny threw a dress on the bed. “ I love her, Max.”

“See and that is why this is just a bump in the road. She loves you, too.” Max said not realizing the way she was meaning this.

Jenny shook her head. “No, not like that.”

Max stopped talking and glimpsed up at Jenny.

“I’m in love with her.”


Shane’s green eyes shifted from Bette to Alice to Kit. All silently staring at her. Alice with her mouth open, Bette just looked sad and Kit gave her the all to well known look of utter bewilderment. Shane sighed and picked up her little espresso cup, pulling the hot liquid into her throat.

“I’m surrounded by some scandalous ho’s.” Kit said suddenly. All of the women looked at her. “Except for maybe Alice.”

Shane stared down Alice, raising an eyebrow.

“Okay maybe I’m a little scandalous, but I haven’t hit Shane and Bette’s level of ho’ism.” Alice said defensively.

“What do you mean?” Bette asked, pushing her plate forward.

“It’s nothing, I’m not going to cheat on Tasha.” Alice answered.

“You were thinking about it?” Bette sounded surprised.

“No, no..” Shane cocked her head to the side at her. “ Ok maybe.”

Kit gasped. “Girl, I would be scared to cheat on Tasha.”

Shane raised her cup in agreement with Kit.

“What is so wrong with y’all’s relationships that you have to go tramping around?” Kit asked and got up taking with her Shane’s empty cup and Bette’s plate, while all the women seemed to be contemplating the question.

“I don’t understand, so first you were with Molly and that seemed to be going ok. Now all of a sudden you are with Niki?” Alice asked.

“She’s not with Niki.” Bette answered for Shane and quickly looked at her friend. “You’re not with her are you?”

“Hell no!”

“See!” Bette sounded relieved.

“But why?” Alice started.

“Did I fuck up my friendship with Jenny? I don’t know.” Shane raised her voice. “Maybe I wanted to forget about Molly or maybe I was doing what YOU expect good ‘ol Shane to do.”

Bette scrunched her eyebrows together.” What are you talking about?”

Shane took a deep breath. “I’m the one woman no sane mother would want their daughter with, right?”

Alice looked confused and then Shane turned her gaze in her direction. “I’m also the type of freak who would leave my fiancÚ at the alter. Isn’t that what you both told Phyllis?”

Bette looked down and closed her eyes. Alice glanced guiltily at Bette. Kit sauntered from behind the counter holding another cup of coffee and a plate with a scone on it. As she walked, she noticed all of the tense body language at the table. She pasted on her best neutral smile.

Kit got to the table, just as Shane blurted. “Is that what you really think of me?”

Bette reached out across the table, trying to touch one Shane’s hands. Shane allowed her to but kept her hand limp.

“Of course not.’ Bette said strongly. “I’m sorry Shane, I didn’t mean what I said to her.”

“Well, you don’t have the greatest track record with women. “Alice stated.

Kit set the plate and cup down in front of Shane. “Alice!”

Alice quickly lifted her hands up justifiably. “I’m not going lie to you. You’re my friend and I love you, Shane, but you have a shitty way of handling your girlfriends.”

Bette shook her head, as Kit sat down.

“You’re right.” Shane mumbled, Kit rubbed her arm.

“Baby what you need to do is switch off whatever lever you have in your head that blinks you are not worth being happy.” Kit said. “Because you are. It doesn’t matter what fucking Phyllis says.”

“She was just protecting Molly.” Shane fiddled with the scone. “It matters what Jenny thinks of me. Of course I care about what you all think of me, but right now Jenny means the most.”

Alice sighed and sat forward. “Shane, she said something last night that I think you should hear.”

Bette and Kit looked at Alice.

“Alice, she isn’t in love with me.” Shane rolled her eyes and gave a little chuckle to Bette and Kit. Her smile faded when she saw the serious look on their faces.

“Her speech was a little strange.” Kit said thoughtfully.



Max and Jenny sat silently on the bed. Both not knowing what to say next. Max stared at his hands, trying to comprehend what Jenny had told him.

“Does she know?” Max finally said.

“I was going to tell her after I talked to Niki, but when I saw them…I couldn’t.”

Max nodded. “When did you realize this?”

“I knew the day she stood behind me during the day I got fired.” Jenny spoke quietly.

“Not before that?” Max asked.

“No, why?” Jenny turned around on the bed pulling her feet up onto the mattress. Her bright eyes stared at Max.

“One time I thought that you two might be in love, but I didn’t know. It’s the way you look at each other .” Max smiled softly to himself. “I thought that the day we got here from our road trip. When you ran to each other…”

Jenny looked off remembering how she had jumped into Shane’s arms. How the small woman had wrapped herself around Shane. The hairdresser had held just as tightly to Jenny.

“…it was like Carmen and I weren’t there.” Max finished. Jenny’s eyes focused back on Max.

“You weren’t.” Jenny looked at her friend tenderly. “Sorry.”

Max shrugged. “It doesn’t matter now.”

“You never said anything.” Jenny wrapped her arms around her knees.

Max pushed up his sleeves. “There was no need to start anything then.”

Jenny groaned and got up, returning to flipping through her clothing. “And there is no need to start anything now.”

Max stared at Jenny’s back for a minute. “You guys are gonna get past this and then you will need to tell her.”

Jenny didn’t answer as Max stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door. “I know you’re hurting and that you are angry, but how you feel about Shane will not go away.”

Max closed the door as Jenny pretended to organize her clothing. When she heard the door close, she stopped and brushed her long bangs out of her eyes. She saw the see through dress that Shane was so desperate for her to wear, when she was going through sex withdrawals. Jenny pulled it out and held it up. She took the dress off of the hanger and started to throw it away, but thought better and put it back on the hanger.

“That doesn’t mean anything!” Shane mumbled.

“Why would she say “I’m madly in love with SOMEONE?” and not that she is madly in love with Niki?” Alice asked.

“Why would you analyze it?” Shane inquired.

Alice rolled her eyes.

“Because she wouldn’t be Alice if she didn’t.” Bette said.

“I’m just saying Jenny’s reaction to Shane slipping the tongue to her ex girlfriend was…”

“normal for someone who felt betrayed.” Bette interjected.

“The comment about slipping the tongue was totally unnecessary.” Shane sniped.

“Fine, you just need to be aware, there might be some thing else going on.” Alice crossed her arms defeated.

“Thanks for the heads up.” Shane muttered before taking a drink of her coffee.

Bette glanced at Shane, who looked back. She wanted to tell Shane that she also thought Jenny may have developed more feelings for her, but she didn’t have anything to prove it. Yet.

“So what can you do to make things up to Jenny? I mean you guys are going to have to talk about this, you’re roommates.” Kit said, looking over at the counter making sure that customers were being helped.

“Not for much longer.” Shane said softly.

Kit looked back at Shane. “What?”

Just as Shane was about to explain, Helena walked to their table.

“Ladies.” she smiled to them all and pulled up a chair. “How is everyone?”

Bette groaned. “Don’t ask.”

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