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Author's Chapter Notes:
Jenny and Shane celebrate their anniversary.
Jenny parked her car outside the house, got out and headed towards the front door with Sounder’s leash in one hand, handbag and a bottle of red wine in the other. It felt like it had been ages since last time she had some time off, and now that she did, she had to spend the evening cleaning the house. But she’d promised Shane she’d help her and she couldn’t let her do it all by herself. She did enough already as it was.

As she put her hand on the door handle she wondered if Shane remembered that tonight was their anniversary. If she didn’t, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but Jenny thought it would be cute to celebrate the day they had finally come to their senses about how they really felt about each other.

Sounder barked and jumped around at her feet, happy to finally be home again, so she opened the door to let him in. “Come here, Sounder!” She dropped his leash and her bag and closed the door, looking up to see him running over to Shane who sat on the couch looking gorgeous as ever, dressed in a blue shirt and a pair of black jeans. When she was finally able to take her eyes off her girlfriend, she realized that there was absolutely nothing that needed to be done in their home. The house was already spotless, the table was set in the dining room and candles had been lit all over the place.

“Oh my God!” she gasped with her hand over her mouth. “Shane, you did all this? But… I was gonna help you!”

Shane had gotten up and walked over to her, wrapping her arms around her waist and giving her a long lingering kiss. “I know you were,” she said and smiled a little. “But it wasn’t that bad. I’d much rather spend time with you doing something other than cleaning. And I thought it would be nice if we could have tonight to ourselves, now that I already got you to rush home from work to help and everything.”

“I got wine,” Jenny suddenly smiled back, holding up the bottle in her hand, and Shane chuckled at her girlfriend’s randomness.

“I can see that. You’re sneaky.”

Jenny tilted her head down when she felt her cheeks flushing. She’d only brought up the topic of wine hoping to get some kind of hint of whether or not Shane remembered their anniversary. Even if people didn’t think so, she always had a reason for her random outbursts. “Shane, do you know what…”

“…Day it is?” Shane finished her sentence.

“Of course you do.” She felt silly for even doubting it, but Shane was always doing things for her – for them; she didn’t need a particular reason for it.

“I do,” Shane nodded and gently placed her hand under Jenny’s chin, tilting it back up so she could look at her. She looked impossibly cute with her cheeks all red. “And I know it means a lot to you.”

Jenny’s face fell before she could stop herself. “It doesn’t to you?”

“Of course it does,” Shane assured her, brushing some strands of dark hair from her face. “But I’d celebrate every day with you if I could, but… We both know we’re too damn busy for that, so once a month will have to do.”

“You make it sound like I’m never home,” Jenny giggled and Shane frowned back at her.

“Well, I think that was you in bed with me this morning.”

“Fuck you,” she replied, gently pushing Shane in the direction of the couch. It made Sounder start barking by their feet and Shane told him to quiet down while Jenny took the opportunity to put the bottle down on the table.

Shane leered at her. “Wasn’t that what you did?”

“I can do it again.”

Shane chuckled as Jenny pushed her back down on the couch and straddled her. “You’re gonna try to top me again?”

“It doesn’t look like I have to try very hard,” Jenny giggled back at her and used both of her hands to brush Shane’s messy hair out of her face so she could look into her eyes. Shane ran her hands up Jenny’s thighs, stopping on her hips to pull her closer.

“Come here,” she said huskily, Jenny’s lips crashing against hers, and she felt hands slipping under the hem of her shirt. Then they both froze when a loud growling sound suddenly came from Jenny’s stomach.

“Shit, you’re hungry. I totally forgot about dinner,” Shane chuckled and smiled up at Jenny whose cheeks once again turned bright red.

“It’s okay,” Jenny said giggling, covering her face with her hands. “We can just get takeout or something later.”

“No, no, I mean…” Shane grabbed the back of the couch, pulling herself up so she could steal one more kiss from Jenny before taking her hand and dragging her with her towards the kitchen. “Come with me.”

“You made dinner already?” Jenny gasped wide-eyed when she took a closer look at the kitchen table. “When did you have time to breathe?”

“Jen, it’s just a salad. It’s too damn hot outside for everything else I could think of.” She raked her hand through her hair and let out a deep sigh. ‘It’s too fucking hot inside now too.’

Jenny stood watching with her heart hammering in her chest as Shane walked over to the backdoor and opened it while explaining to Sounder in a baby voice that he wasn’t allowed to run outside.

“But this is great,” Jenny said, trying to calm down a little and get the thought of Shane’s skin against her own out of her head. There would be plenty of time for such activities later. She hoped. “I still don’t get how you had time to do all this.”

“No, stay,” Shane told Sounder when he tried to get past her and out on the back porch. When he didn’t listen to her, she picked him up and held him instead. “I just went back here as soon as we got off the phone,” she said looking up at her girlfriend. “Really, Jenny, it’s not a big deal.”

“But you have work too.” Jenny buried her fingers in Sounder’s fur and he barked excitedly at her, trying to get out of Shane’s arms. Shane let him back down on the floor and told him again to stay inside.

“We both work too much,” Jenny sighed. “I miss being with you.”

“I miss you too. You know that.”

Jenny sat down by the table thinking maybe dinner wasn’t such a bad idea after all. They would need it later anyway if they were going to do all the things she had in mind. “I think you should come and work with me,” she said before she started chewing on a tomato slice.

“You know I’d love that,” Shane replied almost apologetically, “but I have WAX. I can’t just leave.” As much as she loved her job, it was a nice dream though, getting to spend every day with Jenny.

“I know, but think about it, it would be great!” Jenny giggled and wished she would be able to convince her, even if she knew it wasn’t going to happen.

“It’s not like I’d ever get to see you. We’d both be busy.” Shane smiled back at her and seconds later she felt Jenny’s foot rubbing against her leg. As if it wasn’t hard enough already to not think about how she could be fucking her right now. It wasn’t like Shane to choose food over sex, but she knew how hard Jenny worked and if they were going to stay up most of the night like she had a feeling they would, she was going to need it. No matter how much it tortured her right now.

“But we could fuck in my trailer between takes!” Jenny exclaimed and burst out laughing when Shane looked like she accidentally swallowed her fork.

“Oooh…” Shane said with a smirk when she finally managed to compose herself. “Here I was thinking you wanted me to do hair, not you.”

Jenny giggled impishly. “And I thought you could do both.”

“I thought I already did.”

Jenny bit her lip and looked down at her plate. Talking or even thinking about sex was the last thing she should do when she was supposed to be eating her damn dinner. Not that there was anything wrong with it, Shane was a good cook when she bothered to try. Sighing, she decided to change the subject, if only for a while. “Are you working this weekend?”

Shane nodded and swallowed, then shook her head a little. “On Sunday I’m going to the gym with Al and Tina…”

“Oh!” Jenny said excitedly, bouncing a little in her chair. “Can I come?”

“I thought you were busy,” Shane smiled, amused by Jenny’s antics.

“I have a meeting and some scenes I have to work on,” Jenny nodded while chewing. “But it’s not gonna take the whole weekend.”

“But then… maybe I should cancel and we can have our own workout session here.”

“Maybe.” Why did they have to keep torturing themselves like this? Jenny looked at the table, it had all those candles all over it, so that was a no-go. “What about tomorrow?” she asked.

“I have to be at WAX, we’re taking inventory.”

“I thought you weren’t going to do that until next month?” Jenny asked, brows furrowing. “You need any help?”

“Chase caught one of the new guys stealing stuff and he fired him,” Shane said frowning, “but we don’t know how much is missing yet. So… well, Alice is helping out. You can come over if you’re not too busy.”

“Yay! I can bring coffee and my undying enthusiasm.”

Shane smiled brightly back at her. “I’d love that.”

“You know what?” Jenny suddenly said, putting down her fork and pushing away the plate with her half eaten meal. Shane watched her as she got up from her chair and walked around the table, pulling her top over her head and throwing it on the floor. “I’ve been a good girl and I ate my dinner. Can we please fuck now?”

* * *

Jenny sleepily opened her eyes and glanced over at the alarm clock by the side of the bed. 3:27 AM. She blinked a few times and realized Shane wasn’t there next to her. She was certain she had been when she fell asleep and that couldn’t be too long ago.

She was completely exhausted after all they’d been up to. What started as kitchen-floor-sex soon turned into bed-sex, after that they’d decided to take advantage of the fact that Bette was at The Planet like everyone else and went to ‘swim’ in her pool. And after that, of course, they had to take a shower after which they ended up in bed again.

She stayed in bed for a few minutes thinking Shane could have just gone to the bathroom, but when she didn’t come back, Jenny started worrying and got up to look for her. She tiptoed out into the hallway and when she heard voices coming from the living room, she yawned and headed over there.

Jenny found the TV on and scanned the room looking for her girlfriend. She didn’t see her anywhere so she walked over to the TV to turn it off. When she turned around to go and look for her on the back porch she saw her sprawled out on the couch with her face half buried in one of the pillows. One hand was on the floor, still holding on to the magazine she’d been reading and her glasses were almost falling off her nose.

Smiling and almost wishing she’d had her camera, Jenny kneeled down next to her and tried to remove the glasses as gently as possible without much success. Shane stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes, blinking confusedly back up at Jenny.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. You looked like you were going to drop your glasses.”

“Oh…okay,” Shane mumbled and sat up, rubbing her eyes with one hand. Jenny joined her on the couch, placing a soft kiss on her cheek after putting the glasses down on the table.

“You couldn’t sleep?”

Shane shook her head, wrapping her arm around Jenny and pulling her closer. “I just… I have a really bad feeling about something and I don’t know what it is. It’s probably nothing.”

“Are you sure?” Jenny asked and smiled reassuringly when Shane nodded. “Come back to bed with me?”

“Yeah.” Shane nodded again and when they got up from the couch Jenny thought she might fall asleep standing up. They took a few steps in the direction of Shane’s bedroom but didn’t get far before they heard the doorbell ringing. “What the…?” Shane frowned at Jenny. “What time is it?”

“It was 3:30 when I got up,” Jenny said, dumbfounded. “You think Bette locked herself out?”

“Fuck if I know.” Shane rubbed her eyes again and got to the door with a few big steps. She opened it and stared in front of her expecting to see her neighbor but instead she saw nothing. Until she tilted her head down a bit.


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