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Summary: A series of (unconnected?) vignettes exploring Shane and Jenny's relationship as an established couple. {Alternate universe fic, obviously!}
Rated: R
Categories: The L Word, Shenny Characters: Jenny Schecter, Shane McCutcheon
Genres: AU, comedy, drama, romance
Spoilers up through: None
Warnings: angst, strong language
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 4639 Read: 9612
Published: April 25, 2008 Updated: April 25, 2008
Story Notes:
This was originally started out as just a single, silly little thing that I wrote because I had entered into the You Write It! competition for season five and was anxious and obsessively checking the results page over and over again, looking to see if there were any new scenes to read and so on. So I started this as a way of sort of getting my mind off of the competition for a little while and blow off some steam, basically.

Disclaimer: The L Word belongs to Showtime, as do Shane and Jenny. No copyright infringement is intended!

1. Chapter 1 - Yay for Stories by lilpinkchainsaw [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1262 words)

2. Chapter 2 - The Only Real People in the World by lilpinkchainsaw [Reviews - 0] (2418 words)
Heavens and muses forfend that I ever get away with just writing a single story in a universe! The muses are always tugging at me and pestering me to indulge them just one more time, let them come out to play one more time, pleasepleaseplease. So - here we go again. I actually really do like this universe. It's kind of nice to just kind of cut through all the bullshit and foot-dragging, cut to the chase and just write in a universe where Jenny and Shane are already a couple and have been for quite some time. Of course, there will be plenty of stuff that will need to be touched on and addressed and so forth - like how they wound up together, what happened to Paige, Carmen, Cherie, etc. - but we'll get to that eventually, I'm sure. Shyah, like they'd ever let me get away with not doing that. As if.

3. Chapter 3 - Mooring by lilpinkchainsaw [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (959 words)
I really wanted to try a lot of different approaches to how the story of these two getting together would be told as far as the structure. Originally, I was going to include more 'she said', 'Shane stroked her hair' and so on, but I thought that people would probably be able to fill in the blanks on their own without much help from me. I think this is probably my most favorite Jenny writing I've done - I think I got her voice really well, here.