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Author's Chapter Notes:
This one is kinda cutesy and boring, but i didn't want to put too much into one chapter so I figured a short sappy one wouldn't hurt anything.

This one is for weasley74 for being supportive and awesome.
For one of the first times in his life, David had no idea what to say. Well, he supposed that wasn’t entirely accurate; he did know, he just had no idea how to actually go about saying it. He and Miranda had sat at one of the back booths at Mike’s and looked over the menus for about five minutes before both deciding on a classic Philly cheese steak and Coke, and he’d gone up to the counter to place their order. Now that he’d returned to the table, conversation had waned and he felt a little awkward.

The place was usually swarming with people, but tonight it was fairly quiet, at least for Mike’s. It was a pretty popular little restaurant, at least the times he’d been in here since his arrival, and he was a little surprised that it seemed so empty tonight. There were still some people at various tables and a few at the counter, but he and Miranda were pretty secluded back in their little corner.

“It’s gotta be because a lot of people don't know they reopened,” Miranda said after a minute or so, following his gaze around the restaurant. “I came here with my dad quite a bit when I visited and it was always packed.”

David glanced at her, unsure of what to say to this revelation. Calling Miranda quiet about her past would have been an understatement. However, he was saved by one of the staff bringing their order to the table and telling them that if there was anything else they needed, to just give a yell. They thanked him and looked in surprise at the size of their orders.

“This might be normal for you, but I usually don’t eat this much in three meals,” Miranda joked, staring at the small mountain of fries between them in disbelief. “I didn’t think we were getting fries?”

David shrugged. “I didn’t order them,” he said, shooting a glance toward the counter, where the staff member who’d brought them their food just gave him a dismissive wave. “Guess they come with the meal.”

“Well, you can take a doggy bag home. There’s no way I can eat all this,” Miranda said with a tiny giggle that he found extremely adorable.

“You can always take some back with you,” he said, worrying again about how she ran herself ragged at work and never seemed to take her breaks like she should. “Put it in the fridge in the lounge and have some later tonight.”

“Nah, that stuff’s too heavy while I’m working. I shouldn’t even be having any now, it’ll just make me sleepy when I go back.” She caught David’s concerned expression and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m just on rounds tonight and I’m off at ten anyway.”

There was silence for a few minutes after that as they both focused on their rather large and quite tasty food, which was better than either of them remembered it being. After a while though, David knew he needed to get it over with. He set his cheese steak down and simply said “I’ve had feelings for you for awhile now.”

It didn’t seem to catch her off guard as much as he’d expected it to. She seemed to take it rather well, really, simply nodding as she processed the information and then setting her food down as well. She looked at the cheese steak rather than at him as she replied, though, and he thought he saw a bit of a blush as she said that she’d felt the same. They both felt the need to qualify their statements but neither really knew how.

“I’m not good at relationships,” David said finally after searching for the right words and failing to find them. “I didn’t want to tell you because of that.”

“So you just flirted like you do with everyone else?” Miranda asked, but she didn’t seem upset. More understanding than anything else. “I’m not good at them either.” She’d have gone further into it, but he’d already started talking.

“I was thinking about taking the job in Chicago,” he said softly, more to judge her reaction than anything else. He’d really been giving it a lot of thought, and if she didn’t have any interest in him staying in Pittsburgh, he saw no reason to hurt his career. He wanted her to want him here, but if she didn’t, he was going to have to call it a loss and try to move on. But he was hoping.

She finally looked at him, and he thought he saw traces of tears in her eyes as she took his hand. “You should go. I mean that. It’s an amazing opportunity.” As soon as she said it, he realized that she did want him to stay, but she wanted him to be happy and have a good job more than she cared about herself. It made him love her more, but before he could say anything to that effect she’d stood up.

“I should get back, I start again in ten,” she said by way of explanation. “Thanks for dinner, it was great. We’ll talk soon, I promise.”

She’d walked out before he could reply, and the quickness of her speech let him know that she was upset. He hated having made her feel that way, but he was elated at the same time and planned to be outside the hospital to meet her that night so they could finish their talk.

As he sat there, though, he knew he wasn’t going to be content to leave things for another couple of hours. They needed to talk a lot more extensively, but what they’d just admitted to one another was huge in his mind and he was afraid that if Miranda gave it too much thought between now and the time her shift ended, she might decide that the whole thing was a bad idea and tell him that she couldn’t be with him and didn’t like him that way after all.

He knew it was foolish and exactly what he’d been trying to avoid with all the flings, but he knew he had to go after her. Now. He left all the food on the table and left Mike’s at a brisk walk that turned into a run when he saw Miranda a few hundred feet ahead, her head down and making her way quickly back to the hospital. He didn’t call her name, just ran until he caught up with her and barely avoided a punch to the jaw when he touched her shoulder and she turned on him in what looked like a mixture of fear and rage.

“It’s just me!” he said, still ducking a little to avoid the blow that he was pretty sure still stood a good chance of coming even after she recognized him.

“I really have to get back…” she started, but trailed off and fixed her eyes somewhere over his shoulder. He thought he could hear traces of crying in her voice and it made him feel like the biggest jerk on earth for doing this to her. But it wasn’t like he could take it back, and he couldn’t let himself stop now.

“I don’t want to leave,” he confessed, looking at the ground as he spoke. He felt her eyes on him but couldn’t bring himself to meet them. “I really like you and I don’t want to go if there might be a chance.”

“David, I don’t know,” she started, but he shook his head. He knew what she was going to say, and he didn’t want to hear it at the moment because it wasn’t true, and she would only try to convince herself that it was.

“I don’t know either, I just know I can’t go if I feel like this. And I think you feel something too.”

She didn’t answer for awhile, and her silence was more than enough affirmation for him. “I really do need to get back,” she said finally, and he nodded.

“I’ll be outside at ten,” he said hesitantly, elated when she grinned. “I should probably go back and get whatever food hasn’t been thrown away.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably be hungry by then. Bring me some fries,” she said, and things felt normal for both of them again. But with a little something to look forward to added on.

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