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My name is Amber. I'm currently 23 years old. While I tried so hard not to like the L Word, I must admit that I am a fan. And I've always been intrigued by the idea of Jenny and Shane, ever since season 1.

They, I will whole-heartedly admit, are one of the only things that keep me watching. I like some of the other characters. I like some of the other couples, but it is the hope that there will be Shenny soon that keeps me eagerly awaiting the new season!

I am a writer, major is in Journalism actually. I've been writing for, what, 12/13 years now? Wow. That's a long time. LoL. And I've always loved to write.

Anyway, I hope that you all take the time to read and certainly enjoy my stuff. :)

I will beta at times, though my life doesn't always leave me a lot of time for it, which is why I gave no specific answer. I don't claim be an expert on grammar and punctuation, but I always try to my hardest. I cannot promise that I will have time to beta your story but if you wish, feel free to contact me about it. If it happens to fall when I have down time then I would love to! :)
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It had been there from the beginning, Shane realized as she watched her walk swiftly away. Their eyes had met only briefly at Bette and Tina’s party, but the spark that was lit between them then was thriving, however blindly, even now.

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